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I totally forgot about this project. I found it while going through project folders today. It’s a shoot for Dial Renuzit’s web site presence and was produced as an online magazine. I throughly enjoyed this shoot and thought I’d share it with you. This was done a couple of years ago for Santy Integrated Marketing with art director Adam Pierno. My thanks go out to Santy of course (which is now part of Air Marketing) my assistant Ken Clark aka “Macgyver” and stylist Kim Krejca.

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We recently shot some awesome tasty coffee drink photographs for Coldstone Creamery. We had to carefully match the color of the drinks based on what their test kitchen came up with, so we played with food coloring like a bunch of mad scientists and then I finalized color and contrast in the “digital barkroom” aka photo-shop.

Thanks to food-stylist Kim Krejca, photo-assitant extrodinare and stylist-assistant Jill Flewellen.

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