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I’ve neglected my blog for the last several months…been busy with work and lazy with the blog! I’ve recently been shooting a lot of jewelry. I want to share 2 recent projects. The first one came from Grip Design in Chicago for Archer & Swan Jewelry. We produced images for the website, look book and brochure. They were great to work with and the ideas were strong. We also have worked on several projects for the local custom jewelry firm 65 Allure. Images were created for their website and ads.

I love shooting all things shiny!!….http://gripdesign.com…http://archerandswan.com

Archer & Swan website:

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 2.52.06 PM


Look book pages:

AS_LookbookR3-1-11AS_LookbookR3-1-10AS_LookbookR3-1-14AS_LookbookR3-1-12AS_LookbookR3-1-12 copyAS_LookbookR3-1-12 copy265 Allure:


final final 2



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We’ve been blessed with a variety of projects from Tirvita, Forever Living Products and Herdez Brand Salsa. I love this business…it’s different everyday, certainly a cure for boredom!



SPREAD1Forever Living Products:

Herdez Brand Salsa:


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The home of Edward Weston and the inspiration for many other photographers. These are the juxtapositions that attracted my eyes.






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We were asked by Riester Advertising to produce two images for their clients Casino Arizona and Talking Stick Resort. The casinos are very active in supporting the community by reaching out to a number of local services. The ads were designed to communicate their ongoing efforts of  supporting the needs of others.

These ads discussed the work being done for The Boys & Girls Clubs as well as The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. For more information check out this link:


The ads ran in the Arizona Republic and the Phoenix Business Journal.

Special thanks go out to art director Paul Svancara and print producer Bill Robbins!

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Peter Shikany from PS Studios contacted me to shoot a recipe booklet for his client Illy Coffee. The main content of the project were recipes for drinks that fit into different times of the day to show the versatility of the product. This assignment is exactly what I love to shoot…tight graphic images.

Here’s the layouts Peter supplied followed by a few spreads from the booklet.

Thanks goes out to my assistant Robert Humanski, Creative Director Peter Shikany and Art Director Andy Cruz!

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I love the days when I can shoot for myself. I enjoy building still lifes of ingredients and then showing the process of the preparation of a recipe. Simply stated I want to share with you some of my exploration.


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Ten days of shooting brownies and cookies…what a great gig! We wrapped the shoot just a couple of days ago and thought I would share a couple of the cover shoots. So, here they are…this is no time to be counting calories! Big thanks to Robert Humanski, KimKrejca, Jill Flewellen and my clients David Kravetz, Erin, Kari and of course Kat!

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My two favorite improvisational comedians are Jonathan Winters and Robin Williams. Their minds are fast and furious. They can respond to a word, a sentence or a prop of any kind and create their own world and bring the audience along with them. I regularly go on photo walk-abouts and shoot whatever attracts my eye…to me this is like a photographers exercise program. So, I decided to pull things from the house and bring them into the guesthouse and set up an available light studio. Window light, one camera, one lens and me. The idea was to do improv still lifes where objects were composed simply for the pure relationships that developed. I worked fast and loose and had a great time. I processed the files to look and feel like some of the autochrome color images from early in the 20th century….http://www.galerie-photo.com/autochrome_plate.html

The Light Source:

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The world of food photography is much like the world of sculpture. This is so true when it comes to building sandwiches for the camera. We recently did a series of shots for Bar-S Foods for their shaved and sliced turkey and ham luncheon meats. Each sandwich was carefully “constructed and engineered” by food-stylist Kim Krejca and her assistant Jill Flewellen. Each slice of meat was carefully chosen, folded and balanced on cosmetic sponges. Tomatoes, onions and cheese were sliced with a meat slicer to provide neat layering of the items on the bread. A stand-in sandwich was built for the purpose of lighting and composing the photograph. Once the composition and propping were approved the “hero” was placed on the set and further tweaks were done to both lighting and the composition of the sandwich. During the final process the sandwich was kept moist until the final image was complete. If we were in the restaurant business preparing food like this we’d be out of business in two hours!

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Now that labor day has come and gone and summer is almost a memory I’d like to share a small selection of summer vacation still life images with the kind viewers of this blog. As I began to edit the images I realized all of the images below have something to do with food…who would have thought that a guy that shoots still life, product and food would have picked mostly food oriented images…go figure!

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