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Coldstone Creamery is a client we’ve worked with for quit awhile. Every time we shoot I enjoy the process as well as the sweet taste of every item we shoot. Here are the last couple of seasonally promos followed by some behind the scenes snaps!

How it’s done:

Thanks goes out to Jana, Robb, Andrew, Kim, Jill, Kate and Rob.

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ASSIGNMENT: New packaging for long time client Bar-s Foods. Make our Hot Links, juicy, plump but don’t burn them…and most importantly make them pop off the grocery store shelf.

This was the directive from the  marketing and creative services folks. We needed to create a way to control the fire coming from our make shift BB-Q set up. Our friend Jeff Sears from Southwest Scenic Group came up with a plan. Jeff put together a series of 3 valves along with hand-made burners with various size openings. This enabled us to control where the flames were, how high they would reach and give us the ability to turn them on and off quickly to avoid trashing the styled product.

Here are the shots and how they fit into the final packaging:



And here were some other possibilities as well:

Hot Links - layers Smaller Hot Link cheese flat Hot Links - layers

Some behind the scenes stuff:

BEHIND SCENES 2BEHIND SCENES 1BEHIND SCENES 3BEHIND SCENES 4Yours truly and two of the best clients in town! Thanks to my crew of fantastic assistants and kudos to my stylists…

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I recently had the opportunity to work with the good folks at Sprouts Farmers Market shooting people on location and yummy baked goods in the studio. We had a ton of  bread, muffins and cookies at the studio… we could have fed a platoon of carb loving people…in the end all the goodies were donated to local food banks…of course less the stuff the crew inhaled!





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There’s nothing like a turkey burger. Then add turkey bacon and guacamole and you have magic…make them sliders and you have three times the fun.

We’ve done work for La Victoria Salsa along with Riester Advertising of Phoenix for a few years. We all enjoy the projects as well as the creative team work on the shoots. This latest project featured Jennie-O Turkey Bacon. The shot is being used in FSI pubs in major newspapers.

A big thank you goes out to the crew that made this balancing act a reality.


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We’ve been busy producing sandwich images for Bar-S Foods. They are in the process of updating their photography for collateral and advertising purposes. So, in the last couple of days we’ve had our fill of  ham, turkey, juicy hot dogs and of course the famous corn dog…it’s all quit tasty!

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I just recently finished shooting for health and nutrition company Vemma located in Scottsdale Az. I’ve worked with Scott Flatt, the art director, for several years and it’s always a pleasure collaborating with him. The location product shots were done for a series of brochures introducing new products. It was great to be on location and away from the darkness of a studio environment. Working with both natural light and strobe was great fun!

Thanks goes out to prop-stylist Ron Garnica, Scott Flatt from Vemma and photo-assistant Erica Montgomery.

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Besides my morning ritual of pounding down some coffee I hit the computer for my daily hour of research. I skip most of the really important news items and concentrate on all things related to photography and design. One trend I noticed and tried in a previous post was shooting overhead…so…I decided to play around and get more familar and get the concept firmly embedded into my shooters tool kit. Here we go!

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Yesterday I decided to take a walk around downtown Phoenix looking for stuff to shoot while thinking about all the history and growth that’s happened here in the relatively short span of 100 years.

I stopped at the San Carlos Hotel at the corner of Central and Monroe, went into the cafe and bought some coffee and a fat free donut (I wish), found a table outside and just began shooting where I was sitting. This is me contemplating Arizona’s past.

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Imagine the possibilities! Smoked salmon, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, salty pistachios, the sweetness of honey or apricot preserves, the deep pungent taste of basil with garlic, cheese and olive oil…then top it off with toasted crunchy bread. Heaven on earth!

Whatever you can think of in any combination can be simply placed on a crispy bite sized piece of toasted bread…capers, white beans and parsley…I could go on forever.

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It’s that time of the year to send joyful holiday wishes to all of you with great exceptions for a wonderful 2012!



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