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Since 1996 I’ve been shooting jewelry for Scott Gauthier every year with only the exception of a couple of years for his three stores…two in Scottsdale and his new store in Santa Barbara. Jewelry By Gauthier is a premiere jewelry store that sells original designs with an architectural splendor that places Scott in the enviable position of  being a true artist/craftsman. The many books we’ve created together have been designed to fit with the concept of each collection that he has produced. There is always unlimited creative room to take chances with the photography, backgrounds, props and design. I thought I’d share some of this work:




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TriVita is a company designed for the greater wellness of its customers. TriVita makes products and dispenses information to better the awareness of the physical, emotional and spiritual health of the folks that buy their products.

I had the opportunity this past September to create a series of product images with and without water effects and splashes. A big thank you to TriVita and the creative director as well as my two great assistants who were responsible for the water rigging.

                                                                               The site home product page.

Behind the scenes:

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I totally forgot about this project. I found it while going through project folders today. It’s a shoot for Dial Renuzit’s web site presence and was produced as an online magazine. I throughly enjoyed this shoot and thought I’d share it with you. This was done a couple of years ago for Santy Integrated Marketing with art director Adam Pierno. My thanks go out to Santy of course (which is now part of Air Marketing) my assistant Ken Clark aka “Macgyver” and stylist Kim Krejca.

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