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As I mentioned in a late 2014 post I’m involved with a couple of great local photographers who get together on a monthly basis and do self assigned projects as well as go on field trips around the state to shoot, discuss photography and of course try to eat great food…sometimes we wonder if photography is just an excuse to eat! We all have a great time and the experience keeps us learning to see. Below are some of my images from trips to Cleator, Crown King, Winkleman, Kearny, Oracle, Mammoth and Rock Springs.









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The home of Edward Weston and the inspiration for many other photographers. These are the juxtapositions that attracted my eyes.






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I recently had the pleasure of working with the good folks from Moses Advertising on a project for their client A.D.H.S.  Arizona is implementing a plan for healthy meal preparation so folks can make better choices about the meals they make for their families. Our job was to create images for posters used to help with the initial educational process. Healthy recipes were created with cost effectiveness in mind that tasted great and were easy and quick to prepare.

Thanks to all who participated in the project!

Here are a couple of the posters…


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Imagine the possibilities! Smoked salmon, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, salty pistachios, the sweetness of honey or apricot preserves, the deep pungent taste of basil with garlic, cheese and olive oil…then top it off with toasted crunchy bread. Heaven on earth!

Whatever you can think of in any combination can be simply placed on a crispy bite sized piece of toasted bread…capers, white beans and parsley…I could go on forever.

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We recently had the pleasure of working with Petra Kovacs from Isagenix International based in Chandler Az. She contacted me about producing a small cookbook using their nutritional products. This readers digest size booklet is going to be inserted into their client based publication.

Isagenics  message:
“Our vision is to impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain, and in the process create the largest health-and-wellness company in the world.”
Jim and Kathy Coover, Co-Founders

Thanks to my wonderful crew for making this shoot fun and successful!

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Wedding cakes are no longer the big rage… it’s cupcakes…wedding cupcakes of all different flavors and designs.   The art director from Arizona Bride magazine contacted me about shooting the main image for the article “How Sweet It Is” and we discussed the creative direction for the image. We decided to go with a white, bright and open feel with lots of sexy highlights on the frosting and good deep shadows. Each bakery that was in the story brought a variety of luscious cupcakes for us to choose from…what a joy we got to shoot our cupcakes and eat them too! Arizona Bride magazine is published out of Minneapolis MN. by Tiger Oak Media.

Thanks to foodstylist Kim Krejca and art director Janet Mclaughlin.

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The world of food photography is much like the world of sculpture. This is so true when it comes to building sandwiches for the camera. We recently did a series of shots for Bar-S Foods for their shaved and sliced turkey and ham luncheon meats. Each sandwich was carefully “constructed and engineered” by food-stylist Kim Krejca and her assistant Jill Flewellen. Each slice of meat was carefully chosen, folded and balanced on cosmetic sponges. Tomatoes, onions and cheese were sliced with a meat slicer to provide neat layering of the items on the bread. A stand-in sandwich was built for the purpose of lighting and composing the photograph. Once the composition and propping were approved the “hero” was placed on the set and further tweaks were done to both lighting and the composition of the sandwich. During the final process the sandwich was kept moist until the final image was complete. If we were in the restaurant business preparing food like this we’d be out of business in two hours!

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Now that labor day has come and gone and summer is almost a memory I’d like to share a small selection of summer vacation still life images with the kind viewers of this blog. As I began to edit the images I realized all of the images below have something to do with food…who would have thought that a guy that shoots still life, product and food would have picked mostly food oriented images…go figure!

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I had the opportunity last week to work on some concepts for a new health care client.  We came up with some ideas for portraits that we wanted to test before we went to final. These are just a few of the shots we did…I enjoy shooting people in the studio where I can have complete control over the lighting and have my digital darkroom close at hand.

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Item #1. It’s fun and easy. Now is the time to become a facebook fan of Rick Gayle Studio. I will be posting information about my own work, the work of others and special projects. There’s a link to my all time favorite photographer Irving Penn who has been my inspiration since I picked up my first camera. Check out the video about Chicago photographer Dennis Manarchy’s “American Portrait” project. All you have to do to become a fan is click on this link and this information and much more will be at your finger tips….http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Rick-Gayle-Studio-Commercial-Photographer/314717546369?ref=ts

Item #2. I’ve been asked to participate in an exciting project created by writer Joey Parks. The project involves 26 photographers and 26 writers. In short each photographer is paired up with a writer and each team is assigned one of 26 city blocks to document in anyway we see fit….but it must be rooted in its past, present or the plans for its future….. In Joey’s words: 26 Blocks is unique art project based on the concept of children’s A – Z building blocks. Words, sentences, and stories can all be built one block – one letter – at a time. Downtown Phoenix is like this. Each city block contains its own stories, sentences and words. They’re built by those who came before, who inhabit that block now and who will do something on that block in the future. Sometimes we need the perspective of another person to see the stories those blocks contain. 26 Blocks fuses the insights of 26 photographers, 26 writers and a sculptor/painter to reveal to us 26 Blocks of downtown Phoenix – in a way we may not have seen it before.

There will an exhibit at After Hours Gallery to be announced….

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