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The world of food photography is much like the world of sculpture. This is so true when it comes to building sandwiches for the camera. We recently did a series of shots for Bar-S Foods for their shaved and sliced turkey and ham luncheon meats. Each sandwich was carefully “constructed and engineered” by food-stylist Kim Krejca and her assistant Jill Flewellen. Each slice of meat was carefully chosen, folded and balanced on cosmetic sponges. Tomatoes, onions and cheese were sliced with a meat slicer to provide neat layering of the items on the bread. A stand-in sandwich was built for the purpose of lighting and composing the photograph. Once the composition and propping were approved the “hero” was placed on the set and further tweaks were done to both lighting and the composition of the sandwich. During the final process the sandwich was kept moist until the final image was complete. If we were in the restaurant business preparing food like this we’d be out of business in two hours!

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