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As I mentioned in a late 2014 post I’m involved with a couple of great local photographers who get together on a monthly basis and do self assigned projects as well as go on field trips around the state to shoot, discuss photography and of course try to eat great food…sometimes we wonder if photography is just an excuse to eat! We all have a great time and the experience keeps us learning to see. Below are some of my images from trips to Cleator, Crown King, Winkleman, Kearny, Oracle, Mammoth and Rock Springs.









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Here’s a couple of recent projects…all very healthy indeed! Images for Sprouts Farmer’s Market annual report and shots to introduce Vemma’s new healthy and tasty Verve coffee drink. Thanks to everyone who was involved and a special thanks goes out to these great clients. BULK CARROTS SUPPLEMENTS FRUIT VEMMA
The brain trust.
Photography is very messy.

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Driving around and rushing to get errands completed…I slow to make a right turn and out of the corner of my eye I see a giant sandwich…hmmm that looks tasty. What a shocker it is to see food shots I’ve done on the side panel of a truck…like a billboard on wheels.

It’s always nice to be surprised!


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The best way to start a new year is with lots of brownies! We’ve been working with Fairytale Brownies for just about seven years and the covers are always a fun part of the project. Here are of couple of the covers that will grace this years mail boxes.

Untitled-1 copy

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The University of Phoenix puts out a quarterly publication called Patriot. The magazine is geared to the school’s population of  students who have military service.

PS Studios contacted me to produce images for the cover as well as an inside spread. The concept was fun to execute…we needed to produce a 1950’s “Leave It To Beaver” feel. With help from the talented make-up artist Allison Pynn and prop/wardrobe stylist Abby Ripes we pulled it off making the client very happy.

The story is very cool dating back to the time of Napoleon. It chronicles how  the military created food items that could withstand the conditions of the battlefield and at the same time be appetizing, healthy and fresh. I was surprised to find that many of these food items became household staples that we use today.


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Bar-S Foods recently merged with Sygma Alimentos one of Mexico’s leading industrial companies. The studio had an opportunity to shoot both recipe and packaging images for Sygma’s line of packaged cheese products. A big thank you to my crew and the creative services department at Bar-S Foods Phoenix!

San Rafael Family Shot



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I recently had the pleasure of working with the good folks from Moses Advertising on a project for their client A.D.H.S.  Arizona is implementing a plan for healthy meal preparation so folks can make better choices about the meals they make for their families. Our job was to create images for posters used to help with the initial educational process. Healthy recipes were created with cost effectiveness in mind that tasted great and were easy and quick to prepare.

Thanks to all who participated in the project!

Here are a couple of the posters…


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We’ve been busy producing sandwich images for Bar-S Foods. They are in the process of updating their photography for collateral and advertising purposes. So, in the last couple of days we’ve had our fill of  ham, turkey, juicy hot dogs and of course the famous corn dog…it’s all quit tasty!

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I got a whole new appreciation for Mexican cuisine while shooting 20 plus food images for Macayo’s menu and new web presence. The reason for my new found food joy is because we ate their food every day for lunch during are four day shoot. I never realized there was such a variety of food choices available. I always figured Mexican food was a once a month deal…now I could eat it every day! These are some of the shots from this project along with some behind the scenes snap shots.

This is the site design. It will be live by the first of March.

Behind the scenes.

Special thanks to my ace assistant Robert Humanski and the two styling twins Kim Krejca and Jill Flewellen.

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I was in Santa Monica the last week of 2010 walking down the Promenade where every store you can think of resides. I walked into Restoration Hardware  just for the hell of it. As I entered I saw a silhouetted figure wearing a ball cap who looked vaguely familiar. I didn’t think much of it until I heard his voice. Holy crap that sounds like Arnold Rubinoff aka Mr. Rubinoof because that’s how you addressed teachers back in the late ’60’s. It was bizarre he hadn’t really changed  at all. He still had the same calm manner and wit  but now with a lot of gray hair and a goethe…the same old “Arnie.” We talked for a bit and exchanged all the basic information and made plans to get together when I returned to L.A. in two weeks.

We kept in touch via email and facebook and talked about his top ten students (I’m glad to be in that group) and made plans to meet January 14th at this great Delicatessen called Factors in Beverlywood, a suburb of L.A. Over cups of Matzo Ball soup we got caught up on our histories, photography and our philosophies of life. Arnold is still one of my mentors to this day along with Charlie Potts the head of the photography department at Art Center College of Design.

Mr. Rubinoff inspired his students to create thoughtful images and enjoy and embrace the technical side of the medium. I took every  photography class that was offered and I soon become his second hand flunky. Occasionally I would bum a ride home from him. While we were on the road he’d give me a personal assignment and expect it delivered back for a critique a.s.a.p. He saw my devotion to photography and suggested I apply to Art Center College of Design the same school he attended.

As time went on he got me involved with the school paper and the year book staff, which was very cool for a high school kid because I got to leave class early all the time to shoot school activities. Back in the day we used Speed Graphic cameras and 4×5 sheet film…try shooting football games with a camera like that! Anyway I could go on much longer but I don’t like reading long posts so I’m sure no one else does either.

Look up the word mentor in the dictionary and you’ll find a picture of Arnold Rubinoff. His big claim to fame is begin born the same year Kodachrome hit the streets. He’s very involved with photography in his retirement…like he tells me “I may be very busy but I still take an hour break every ten minutes.”

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