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ASSIGNMENT: New packaging for long time client Bar-s Foods. Make our Hot Links, juicy, plump but don’t burn them…and most importantly make them pop off the grocery store shelf.

This was the directive from the  marketing and creative services folks. We needed to create a way to control the fire coming from our make shift BB-Q set up. Our friend Jeff Sears from Southwest Scenic Group came up with a plan. Jeff put together a series of 3 valves along with hand-made burners with various size openings. This enabled us to control where the flames were, how high they would reach and give us the ability to turn them on and off quickly to avoid trashing the styled product.

Here are the shots and how they fit into the final packaging:



And here were some other possibilities as well:

Hot Links - layers Smaller Hot Link cheese flat Hot Links - layers

Some behind the scenes stuff:

BEHIND SCENES 2BEHIND SCENES 1BEHIND SCENES 3BEHIND SCENES 4Yours truly and two of the best clients in town! Thanks to my crew of fantastic assistants and kudos to my stylists…

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