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I had the opportunity last week to work on some concepts for a new health care client.  We came up with some ideas for portraits that we wanted to test before we went to final. These are just a few of the shots we did…I enjoy shooting people in the studio where I can have complete control over the lighting and have my digital darkroom close at hand.

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I started the blog thing back in November of 2009. I’ve been trying to figure out the meaning behind my efforts and have decided that these posts are simply about photography and my pursuit to make images and ultimately share all this stuff with you. There’s satisfaction in shooting for no particular reason other then exercising my eye and feeling joy. The samples below are from some of my most recent ventures out of the studio.

Photographer Imogene Cunningham was once asked, “What is your favorite photograph?” she replied, “The photograph I haven’t taken yet.” I can certainly agree with that!

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