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In the world of commercial photography, it’s my job to be true to the clients conceptual needs. So every once in a while I just have to let things evolve.

These images that I call “Fun In The Kitchen” evolved from having a discussion with food and prop-stylist Kim Krejca. We decided to pair toy farm animals with the food items that come from these little “critters”. At first we were on set going for a more traditional food image that you may see in Bon Appetit magazine, and then we decided to be more playful and loose.

Food and still life photography have been in an evolution over the past few years, moving away from a very clean and even sterile approach to a more real and believable approach. Both styles require the same amount of attention to detail. In one case you are tweaking perfection and in the case of these images we are tweaking with a styled quirkiness. Please enjoy and smile if you like!

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