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I was invited to participate in their Portraits of Opportunity pro bono exhibit that took place October 15th 2009 at Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix. I selected a family to photography that would then be apart of the exhibit that raised funds to provide aid to the families that Southwest Human Development helps in Arizona.

Southwest Human Development contacted me at Rick Gayle Studios and a few other photographers in Phoenix to participate in their fund-raising exhibit called Portraits of Opportunity. I was given a family to photograph during their daily activities. The exhibit was this past October at Steele Indian School Park.

Thank you to all the photographers that participated, the Gonzales family and Southwest Human Development for contacting me for this project.

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In July 2007, the Rick Gayle Studio location which I was in for 22 years burnt to the ground. I had been thinking of moving into a new space, but not exactly that way. The fire made it really easy to make the move…no packing, plus I learned a lot from the experience and best of all (thank God for insurance) – I got all new equipment.

The day after the fire I secured a new space and had it completely built out by the first August. I had the help of a group of very devoted people who really made the new chapter possible. On the one year anniversary of the fire I decided to make still life photographs of some of the charred remains I chose to save.

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Food photography is a passion of mine. What a great combo, I love photography and I love food. We do a lot of work with AJ’S and Bashas’ and we recently shot holiday pies for them for billboards and bus shelters. We did several shots and the cool thing for me was we had over 40 pies delivered to the studio for the shoot. Nothing like having pie for lunch.

Their marketing group is over-whelmed with work so, rather than coming to the studio we work remotely with them. We get a rough idea of what their needs are, the stylist pulls props and she prepares the stand in food, a capture is made and then emailed to the art director, changes are made and then we go to final. It’s cool because they trust our vision and allow us some creative freedom.

Special thanks to Kim Krejca food stylist, Jill Flewellen stylist assistant and Ken Clark photo-assistant.

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Rick Gayle, graduated from the Art Center College Of Design in the Los Angeles area in 1975 and seeking a less crowded environment moved to Phoenix after graduation. He has been a commercial photographer for the past 30 plus years working out of his central Phoenix studio. He currently has a staff of two that include an assistant/studio manager and a production coordinator and continues to work with a varied group of designers and art directors.  Rick has worked on every type of project from large studio set shoots for Honeywell and GMC trucks to studio still life and food photography for Dial, Bar-S Foods and GE Capital. Rick’s feelings about his photographic involvement can be simply summed up by the following quote.

“Since the age of 12 I’ve been attracted to light like a moth.Light is all a photographer ultimately has control over and the way he molds it’s qualities helps define objects and tell stories.  For me that is and always will be my venue for exploration and source of excitement.”

Contact Rick Gayle Studio at: 602.267.8845

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The Ranch Market is a cool ethnic grocery store at 16th street and Roosevelt. I went there to find some interesting food items to shoot. The images below are from my still life exploration.

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Well I finally joined the social media world, I’m know a blogger. Yes me Rick Gayle! I guess I’ll have to learn to spell and be witty all at the same time.

I will be adding posts when I feel stuff  is worthy of sharing or if too much time has past and everybody has forgotten who I am. The posts will be my own work as well as items from the world of photography that may be of interest.

Yes Rick Gayle Studio is bloggin….

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